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The Ultimate Guide to Titanic: The Musical

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This week’s Ultimate Guide show comes to the Royal and Derngate from the 25th to the 30th of June and certainly has a more sombre tone than the likes of Mamma Mia and Flashdance – it’s Titanic: The Musical.

The Plot

First of all, if you’re (probably one of very few people) expecting Jack and Rose you’re going to be disappointed, as this show is not based on the 1997 film. It is instead inspired by several true stories of the people aboard one of the most famous ships in history.

The History

The sinking of the Titanic in 1912, where 1517 people lost their lives, was of course one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th Century. The discovery of the wreck in 1985 inspired composer Maury Jetson, due to the clear potential for a rich emotional score in portraying the hopes and dreams of those aboard the doomed ship and the way in which the disaster changed those dreams. The show opened in 1997 and won five Tony Awards, including Best Musical, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album and a Drama Desk Award. In spite of the Broadway productions 1999 closure at a loss, it eventually went on to become a classic due to hundreds of productions across the globe opening in the 20 years since. In fact, one of the testaments to it’s international success are the sheer amount of languages it has been translated into, including Danish, Japanese, French and German.

The Music

Maury Jensen’s music and lyrics generally have the same epic and (often fast paced) orchestral feel – it didn’t win that Grammy for nothing!


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