17 Reasons Why I Love Heathers

Continuing with my Heathers Weekend, celebrating Heathers: The Musical’s final weekend in the West End, I’ve come up with 17 reasons why me and so many others love this show

1. The music – I love a good rock musical and this show has some of my favourite musical theatre songs!

2. The plot – the film and the show’s dark twist on typical teen comedies is both fun and funny – but the show also has a lot of heart too

3. The humour – Heathers is hilarious at a lot of points and following on from that

4. It’s dialogue – Will there ever be a line more iconic than a certain quip about chainsaws?

5. It’s relatability – If you relate a lot to certain parts of the show, that might be a bit worrying, but the parts about bullying are something that most people can probably relate to

6. It’s intensity – From the music to the story this is a full on show – and I love it!

7. The costumes – all of the costumes look amazing!

8. Barrett Wilbert Weed/Carrie Hope Fletcher – two of my favourite musical theatre leading ladies playing the same part? Yes please!

9. Jamie Muscato – His performance as J.D in the UK production has to be believed to be seen

10. In fact, the entire UK cast – I’m adding this category so that this article doesn’t go on forever – everyone in the Other Palace/Theatre Royal Haymarket production of this show has done an incredible job during its run this year!

11. The Orchestra – All of the music in this show sounds spectacular and what’s playing underneath the vocals also helps with this, especially in the UK production

12. The characters – Veronica is a fierce and dynamic leading lady, J.D is an incredibly compelling villain, the Heathers Kurt and Ram are all delightfully hammy and Martha is just adorable
13. Martha Dunstock – Yes, even though I just mentioned the characters, I’m giving the character of Martha her own spot on the list, just for being the adorable ray of sunshine that she is

14. The serious issues it discusses – In spite of the show’s comedic nature, it actually manages to talk about some serious social issues, including the media’s portrayal of teen suicides and violence in schools, in a frank and honest manner

15. It’s social media – outside of the show itself, the Heathers Twitter account always brightens up my day – and the same goes for the Instagrams!

16. The fans – Heathers fans, better known as ‘Corn Nuts’, manage to make every show feel like a rock concert and it’s amazing!

17. The message – At its core, the show has a very heart-warming message about people coming together


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